Choosing the correct powder coating for your project depends on several variables, including overall performance requirements, environmental exposures, intended uses, desired appearance, budget, and more. AJK Manufacturing can help you choose the best powder for your needs.

We are capable of powder coating parts and assemblies that do not exceed the 6’x6’x10’ dimensions of our curing oven.

Powder coated surfaces are less likely to scratch, chip, or fade over paint, and are more resistant to wear and tear over time. This is due in part to the thicker applications of powder and the thermal bonding that results from the curing process.

Properly applied powder coatings offer excellent results for roughly 15-20 years. Overall longevity depends heavily on proper preparation, material selection, and the environmental conditions under which the coated part or assembly will be used.

We are able to get hundreds of colors, including most Ral colors. If you are looking for a specific color we also have the ability to color match most colors.

We work with our customers to try and meet your project needs. As of now our average turnaround time is one week. For laser-cutting projects, our average lead time is roughly two weeks. 

Powder coat produces an attractive, durable, high-quality finish that will increase the life of your product, along with being more resistant to chipping, scratching, fading, and general wear and tear.

No. Only items that are an electrically conductive metal or material that can withstand 400 degree temperatures.

Yes a clear coat will give your product more shine and less likely to scratch.

Powder coat is a dry powder that is applied to your part or assembly. The dry powder is electrostatically charged and sprayed onto the products. The products to be coated are electrically grounded, so that the charged particles adhere to them until they are melted and fused into a solid coating in our curing oven. This process forms a skin with a hard finish that offers superior durability and lasts longer than conventional wet paint.

The primary factors that influence the cost of your powder coat project are the quantity of parts, masking requirements, and colors (non-stock colors are typically more expensive). Other factors include stripping, finish textures, material thickness, and piece weight.

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